Turquoise Healing and Water Element Pagan Jewelry

Today I thought I would share a piece that I made a while ago that I’ve been hording.. I love turquoise and this particular pendant has been tucked aside in my studio for a while now.

But as Rob suggests to me ALL the time (laughs here).. I do need to let some of these pretty things travel to other homes so others can love them too.  (I think he says that just because it’s getting crowded with gemstones in here)..

Turquoise and sterling silver pagan wicca wiccan pendant

This awesome piece is for anyone who wishes to connect with the element of water ( or direction of West).  West is the element of emotions and change – just as the waves wash the shores clean, so can it wash you fresh and clear.

It is a gem for joyful energy.. uplifting moods and also helping to push some of that negative bobojee nasty energy that others might sending your way at times (it can help to protect you).  It’s also a good helper for luck and abundance as it helps to draw these to your side.

And it’s just a stunning piece in general 🙂

If you are looking for more, I’m just starting to build up my Pagan Wicca Jewelry since we moved the site to its new home.

Wicked Stones is happily located in Canada – offering one of a kind handcrafted Pagan jewelry as well as pretty things I find that I fall in love with that I’d like to pass along to you all as well (as in pewter pendants).

Cheers everyone.. thanks for reading..

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