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Here’s a few ways you can contact us at Wicked Stones

  • Visit my website:  Wicked Stones
  • Send an email to hello@wickedstones.com
  • Call, text or leave a message:  1 705 822 7657  Please, don’t spam me.  If I don’t phone you back it’s because I don’t need the business services you are offering.
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  • When I’m not working here I do other creative things..  stalk me on Deviantart
Searching for Agates in Northern Lake Superior

Searching for Agates in Northern Lake Superior

You can also find us in random locations throughout Ontario searching for minerals, gemstones and other natural treasures.. Bring coffee with you, we’ll share.  🙂Save

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi I was wondering where is your location? And if you have a store?




  2. Hi Fanny….
    We’re up in Sudbury Ontario… Sadly at this point in time, we don’t have a storefront location.. I certainly wish that was not the case as over the years I’ve met so many awesome people when we were working outside of the studio.. … we’ve seen far too many new age and specialty shops close down in the north to be able to feasibly open up a shop… If I can help you find something? Don’t hesitate to drop me a note.. you can also reach me via email at info@wickedstones.com



  3. how much is amber stones in natural shape.

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  4. Hi Sparmakisiz
    It depends on the amber you are looking at. Re: The clarity, the type.. the weight.. if you are looking for a single piece? Send me a note to info@wickedstones.com or drop me a message on what you may be seeking and perhaps we can help. Sorry to the delay in replies.. We’ve been closed for family visits…


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