Wicked Stones has been tromping around the internet and forests hunting for gems and sharing since 1999 in Canada.   You can visit our site by clicking here.

If you have a coffee in front of you and want to keep on reading? Here’s some helpful links:

STONE TYPES: If you are looking for a particular type of stone, use this link to search what we currently have in stock in our shop

Looking for Crystals? Have a look here...

Looking for Crystals? Have a look here…click on the photo to take you to our crystal page

SEARCH BY HEALING NEEDED: Looking for a healing stone? You can look through our directory of healing stones by clicking here.

CHAKRA JEWELRY AND STONES:  Here you’ll discover one of a kind hand crafted Chakra Jewelry and stones.

SINGLE STONES AND KITS: Individual healing crystals and kits.

YOGA AND MEDITATION:  An entire section dedicated to Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation… because don’t we all need a little of that in our lives more often?

PET JEWELRY:  pretties for your fur babies

PAGAN JEWELRY:  Hand crafted Pagan jewelry made with healing stones, sterling silver and pewter (sometimes).  You’ll discover elemental jewelry as well as Goddess and Pentacle selections.

MEN’S JEWELRY & Gifts Powerful one of a kind pieces with the guys in mind 🙂 Of course, gals are welcome too.  These are unixes pieces.

We have other sections to discover from sale items, to gems for your pets, earrings, pewter and more.. why not haunt our site and have a look around? Here’s the link click here

And a little PS if you are still around here…Since I’m starting this blog fresh here on WordPress, here’s the link to our old blog on Blogger that I started many years back (just in case you feel the need to haunt our old adventures and see what we were up to back then).

Vikki Soros working with natural ontario crystals.. aren't they pretty?

Vikki Soros working with natural Ontario crystals.. aren’t they pretty?



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