About Wicked Stones

Behind The Scenes at Wicked Stones

Vikki Soros the gal behind the scenes at Wicked Stones

Jeepers, I never know what to write for these about me pages.. okay here goes..

Many of you have gotten to know me over the past few decades, as that quirky Canadian gal with the strange sense of humor who works with gemstones and pretty rocks..

Haweater Weekend Vikki Soros Wicked Stones

Vikki Soros – Here I am at the Haweater Festival on Manitoulin Island in 2008

We live in Northern Canada, in the part of the world that has flocks of mosquitoes that will carry you off and deer flys that will pick your bones until you are lying in the dirt (while rock collecting)..  I’m a gardener, an animal lover.. a gal who loves to draw and paint.. and grow things in the garden to share with my family.. (I do NO T like to pull weeds.. no sireee!)

Vikki Soros Wicked Stones Kyanite Ontario

Over the years, I have fallen in love with so many of you who have joined me in this journey with gems – many of you have turned into my best friends that I just love chatting with over morning coffee while skyping or just chatting on facebook).

Wicked Stones Ontario Gemstones Lapidary Rob Armstrong

Rob Armstrong at Wicked Stones working in the Lapidary shop

It has been almost 20 years now that Wicked Stones has been around..  I’m the original owner, the gal behind the scenes (the wacky brains behind the website) and the partner to the guy who carries my heavy things when we go to our vending events…(that’s him in the photo above and below here).

I have noticed, as flattering as it is, that other websites are now emulating Wicked Stones and also selling gemstone jewelry (just like us) while using our name.  Please note, we are not affiliated with any other sites using our name, so please understand that if you have any problems or issues arising with purchased made there? We’re not in partnership with any other websites.  We’ve been in business since 1999 and are the original Wicked Stones.

Here’s Rob helping me “pack” (hah hah) the car on the way to Haweater in 2009

Both of us have a passion for rock hunting, working with stones (both small AND large)…(re the photo below).  Most of you know that I spend extra time with all my clients (and friends) to ensure you are getting the right healing stone for your needs.  I will always take the time to converse with you to try to get to the root of an issue and make sure you feel good about your purchase.

Vikki Soros Wicked Stones

Vikki Soros – Big Rock Hunter in the North 🙂

These days we don’t get out to a lot of venues for selling BUT if you find me selling at a show and see that I don’t have a coffee? I’m often spotted trading gems for java… so keep in mind, I have 2 cream and 1 sugar in my brew.. who knows what you’ll get back 🙂

Cheers and thanks for reading! 🙂

Vikki Soros
~~Original owners of Wicked Stones and in business since 1999
For those who knew us back in the day…we were then called Renaissance Market~~



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