Find the courage to be yourself! Carnelian crystal healing

Change can be scary – but on the other hand? Change can also be exciting and full of awesome adventures.

During life transitions, reach for a crystal that can help empower you to move forward with positive and helpful energy.

Carnelian is one of those crystals that can help you to embrace changes and begin new phases of your life on your own terms and by being yourself, FULLY!

You can trust your own instincts and overcome negative conditioning and let your true inner self shine like the sun.

Using Carnelian helps you to feel protected and grounded while also empowered with energy the motivation to push through things.

Open yourself up to welcome abundance and energy and you can really grow and change.  It’s also a great partner for those who are artistic or if you are working with your Sacral Chakra. Working with this charka helps you to be open to change and to trust your instincts as you go through experiences in life.

Carnelian’s colour is natural, that gorgeous orange you see is straight from Mother Nature’s paint brush.  It’s vibrancy is hard to ignore and it’s light energy is one that is amazing to work with.

Carnelian is a great crystal choice to add to your collection.