Red Jasper From Northern Ontario – A peek into Lapidary work from Wicked Stones

Vikki Soros and a few pieces of Red Jasper from Wicked Stones
A few pieces of Red Jasper from Wicked Stones

Today is Red Jasper day in the Rock Lab

It’s Cold outside.. brrr.. but Rob is still out there in the Lapidary shop working away on pieces of red Jasper that he picked up in his travels in Northern Ontario.

We’ve gone from the bare rough rock, all the way to polishing it to a gleaming shine (it’s sooo pretty!).  The pieces you see in the photo above are about half way through the polishing process.  Here he is working on the buffing wheel to try to give it more of a shine.

Rob working in the Lapidary shop with Red Jasper at Wicked Stones
Rob working in the Lapidary shop with Red Jasper at Wicked Stones

Here’s a picture of how it’s coming along.

Red Jasper from Northern Ontario by Wicked Stones
Red Jasper from Northern Ontario by Wicked Stones

It’s turning out really amazing so far!

Red Jasper is naturally this colour – no dye has been used to create these rich powerful hues of red, black and white.  If you are drawn to this gem, it’s good for helping to combat against exhaustion and for maintaining physical stamina. In Teutonic legend, the hilt of the magical sword of Siegfried (the dragon slayer and ill fated lover of the mystic Brunhild) was inlaid with red jasper to give him courage.  I find that it also helps to pick me up (mentally) when I’m feeling low and blahhhh….

Red Jasper has a stabilizing effect on the wearer’s energy keeping them calm and balanced – now who can’t use a little of “THAT” these days!?…

It gets you going on days you need a little extra boost and the ability to stay focused no matter what the day throws at you.

Want to recall your dreams? Try putting this gem under your pillow at night.

Red Jasper is a powerful protection stone against psychic and physical threats and will return negative energy to the sender.

I hope you enjoyed this wee peek into our rock shop…


Amber – Metaphysical Properties and Healing info

Amber healing properties...
Healing Amber from Wicked Stones

I have to say, that personally, I’m a big Amber fan.  This love affair started years ago when I found my very first piece at a friends house.  She’d offered me some huge chunks that were found on the beach of the Baltic Sea (that a photo of the piece below).

Baltic Amber
Baltic Amber

Amber is extremely light and certain types are intensely rich with colour.  You can use it for healing if you wear it in a piece of jewelry or have a stone you can hold or carry with you.

Here’s a bit of info on Amber and its healing properties

Amber is not technically a gemstone – it’s an ancient tree resin that has solidified and turned into a fossil. Because of this, Amber has very strong connections with Mother Earth and is an excellent grounding stone.

In ancient times, people believed that Amber was formed by the setting rays of the sun. The Vikings called Amber the “tears of Freyja” after their goddess of love.

Amber was used by the Roman gladiators as a protection amulet against danger and fear – it was said to be a stone of courage that helped you face your fears.

Amber is also known as the Mother Goddess Stone due to the fact that insects, plants and even tiny animals were found petrified inside its crystals.

Amber is:

  • a powerful healer that absorbs negative energy and swaps it for positive
  • stimulates your healing process
  • protection
  • uplifting energy
  • helps to clear depressive thoughts
  • wisdom
  • decision making (school and work)
  • self expression

May your journey with Amber be fruitful, filled with light energy and healing.