Got stress? How to work with gemstones for stress and anxiety

Today I want to talk about Stress and gemstone healing…

I’m going to come clean here a bit.. I suffer from stress. Yes indeed I do. I think we all have trigger points and aggravating moments in our lives that cause us to grit our teeth, clench and hold our breath and take in far too much negative energy that we don’t really need in our lives.

Vikki Soros Yes I get stressed too!
Yes I get stressed too..

That’s me, feeling stress? Can you see it? LOL…Yes I get cranky, moody, and quite frankly, sometimes just miserable to be around because I let stress get to me. I let little things bother me that in the grand scheme of things, I should not. Sound familiar? Okay then, lets read on together shall we?

Using Gemstones to help deal with your stress

Let’s start by making a statement that I think is important to understand. Using gemstones for healing purpose (in my OPINION) is not an instant fix. Most can’t put on a stone and then turn on a dime and go “OH I feel AWESOME!” For the most part, gems are not items that suddenly, magically and immediately fix problems – they can help you to achieve your goals in a matter that works with you personally and at your own speed.

I do have clients who I’ve worked with over the decades that have told me that they feel an immediate response to their stones but for the average person it takes a bit of time to get to know your stone and feel its beneficial effects.

So how do you work with them so they can help you?

Since we’re talking about stressful situations today, we’ll focus on how to work with stones and this particular issue. Let’s say you have found a stone you want to work with and you are anxious for it to begin helping you to get rid of that negative energy that’s been plaguing you. Here’s the first few steps you should take in starting this journey with your healing gem.

  • Cleansing helps to remove any negative energy that may be on your stone upon arrival AND energy that you have built up in your stone after wearing it for a time.
  • Start wearing your stone – yes this is a simple step but it’s the first in really getting to know how your gem is going to feel as you begin working with it.
  • Since we are dealing with stress and anxiety, when you begin wearing your stone visualize calming energy coming from your gem and surrounding you as you go about your day. It can be a mental image of soft clouds, a colour, a pattern, sun’s rays.. everyone will have their own mental pictures of what “calmness” means to them. Personally for me? I visualize the energy of the sun coming from my stones, the heat, the warm and it’s peaceful energy surrounding me.. it really helps! Healing energy of the sun
  • Take a few minutes out of every day that you are wearing your stone to STOP! Stop what you are doing when things get far too stressed and full of worry and get away from the situation at hand (if you can and do it safely – if you are stressed while driving your car this is a different matter all together.  Take a few moments and breathe! When our bodies and minds are stressed we forget to do this very simple thing and hold our emotions and muscles with tension. This builds after time and you need to learn how to release it.  Hold your stone with your hands and make a connection between healing breaths, good energy and releasing the tension you can feel inside of you body.
  • A quick form of meditation is to take deep cleansing breaths, in and out, and imagine the stress leaving you and good healing energy coming back to you. IN combination with your healing stone, the minerals in your gem can help you to connect with this action and after time, your stone will become a trigger point to help you to release build up stress and anxiety -it can become your go-to tool to help let go of things that are bothering you.
  • There is no time limit or schedule on how long you will have to do this – everyone will be different. Regardless of how long it takes, even taking those few moments to breath may really be helpful to the situation you are in. You and your gem should begin to bond in friendship after a time. On a personal note, I wear a particular gemstone anklet during times I feel stressed and I do feel better only moments after I begin wearing it as I have built up a connection between calmness and this piece of jewelry.
  • Research other types of meditation and grounding exercises that you feel good about and make them a part of your daily routine if possible. Just like jogging, running and other forms of daily exercise, this type of action can assist you to feel mentally healthier and stronger.

Gemstones are a partner to your personal healing path and just like new friendships, your relationship needs time to learn and grow.

May your path be filled with joy and good energy!