Lapis Lazuli – Healing Stones for lifting your spirits

I thought I’d start sharing some of the pieces up on our website (Wicked Stones) from time to time so you can get an idea of what we do…

Today, I’m sharing an incredible piece of Lapis Lazuli.  Photos just can’t do this stone justice as it has so much colour – from rich blues to shimmering golden pyrites, it packs a punch when it comes to the beauty department.

Lapis Lazuli wire wrap gemstone from Wicked Stones
Wicked Stones wire wrap

Here’s  bit of info on Lapis:

Lapis is a stone

  • intuition
  • balance
  • uplifting spirits
  • combating depression

Lapis is a good focus for meditation and increasing clairvoyant abilities.  This stone helps us to contact our spirit guardians and reverse curses.

Wearing it around the home can help bring a feeling of contentment and family loyalty.  It also helps to bring harmony to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our selves and restore any unbalances that can result in depression and lack of purpose.   Once these areas are balanced Lapis helps to bring keep inner self knowledge to light.


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