Goddess Pele Pendant – The Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes and Magic

A lot of new things have been going on here at Wicked Stones including a full change of our website.  You can see the new site by clicking here.

So I’m going to start off our new site by introducing you to a lovely gemstone pendant made of Lava.

Hawaiian myth says that Lava is actually the tears of Pele (the Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes and Magic.). It is a gem of great strength to help you to dissipate feelings of frustration and anger.  It is a good grounding gem to keep your feet on the ground and can help you when the world is going around you and you need to feel centered.   It’s a gem of quick swift changes and also helps to protect you from nasty grams that people around you are sending out (negative vibes and energy).

This is also a Root Chakra gemstone that helps you to feel rooted and planted on Mother Earth.

Lava Goddess pendant in sterling silver wire

This is a one of a kind piece.. hand made right here in our shop..  you can find many pieces by clicking here.

It just seemed appropriate to share something with fire energy for change during this time of transition here in our shop.

Cheers everyone!

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