We all need a little strength sometimes – Healing Hematite gemstone and information

Ah the beauty of Hematite…. A little info on it and it’s healing properties.
Hemtate healing crystal for protection

Hematite is one of those types of stones that you almost always see at a gem show and rock shops you stumble across in your travels.  It’s found in various places across the world and that’s probably the reason why it seems like a more commonly seen gemstone. We are usually drawn to it because it’s so shiny and pretty! In it’s natural state, it’s somewhat dull looking but when it gets polished! YOWSA!!

On the MOHS hardness scale, it’s between a 5 – 6, which means it’s pretty hard.  The interesting thing about hematite is that it’s also very heavy (or dense).  It’s actually a mineral from the Iron Oxide family which gives it more weight that you would expect for the size of the stone.  That’s important when you are choosing jewelry online and you can’t hold it, to realize that this gem may weight a bit more than you think.  Always ask if you would like to know the weight of your jewelry before purchasing. Personally I have worn hematite rings throughout the years and I have also found that if they are dropped on hard surface, they do tend to break.  So if you have a stone ring, take it off carefully when you removing it.

A lot of my clients who I have worked with over the years, have told me how the temperature changes on the gem when they wear it.  It begins cool against the skin and then warms to your body temperature, making it a lovely companion piece.

A little side note on Magnetic Hematite:  I have worked with it over the years and it’s very important to note that natural hematite is not very magnetic at all.  If you are purchasing magnetic jewelry please note that it is treated to achieve this goal.  I do sell magnetic jewelry so if you are looking for a piece, please visit Wicked Stones and I may be able to custom make you something special just for you.

It’s interesting to note that in ancient times, Hematite was crushed and mixed with liquids to use as paints.  You can find such examples (or pictographs) across the world that date back over 40 000 years! I was lucky enough to visit several locations in our Ontario Provincial Parks that have the most awesome historical pieces (one in Sault St. Marie area and one near Bancroft Ontario).

If you are searching for the healing properties of Hematite, here’s a bit of info for you.  Hematite is helpful for the following:

  • Boosting low self esteem
  • Protection
  • Grounding energy (makes you feel centered and strong when life is going a bit wild around you)
  • Courage to face changes in your life
  • Reflects back negative energy being directed at you
  • Divination (fortune telling, tarot card readings, astral travel)
  • Meditation
  • Will power

Hematite is also a gem for your root chakra healing and balancing.  The Root chakra is also called the Muladharaor or Base Chakra.  This chakra helps you to feel stable and centered with both feet on the ground.  Let me put this in a very easy way:  You know that feeling you get when life is going a bit wild on you and you just want everyone to stop because you are feeling overwhelmed with so much going on? By working with this chakra, you can help yourself to feel more “centered” in what is happening around you and focused with confidence and strength.  Your root chakra is like your tree roots that keep you anchored to the planet and feeling strong!

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of info on Hematite.

Cheers from the Rock Lab!


Shark Totem – Authentic Shark tooth necklace (fossil)

OOO I found some beauties tucked inside of my cupboards recently….

What you are seeing in the photo is an authentic fossilized sharks tooth..  this little guy is incredible! I have worn shark’s teeth before and I’ve often found them to be light and difficult to feel as you are going throughout your day.  THIS one has some super great weight to it and you can really feel it around your neck.

Black Shark tooth wire wrap

If the Shark is your totem? Here’s a little info for you on that..

If you have the Shark totem in your life, you are a busy or active person. Some might even call you a work-a-holmic at times.

You seem to accomplish the most impossible tasks that impress those around you (and yourself some days!) You are wise and trust your instincts.

The Shark is a strong protective totem.

I’m not sure how long this particular wire wrap will be available as they are one of a kind items, but you can click here to view it on my website.

Wicked Stones – Talent North Magazine Feature!

Well this is very exciting!! This afternoon I spent a few hours with a few people from the Talent North magazine here in Sudbury!  I had an awesome time and am going to be included in their upcoming magazine in the next few months!! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time 🙂 Here’s a little bit about their magazine…

At Talent North, we are focused on providing  the local talent in Northern Ontario with a way of sharing and promoting their special and unique talent that would otherwise not get noticed.
We are committed to engulfing our readers with short colourful stories. Talent North is proud to represent the extraordinary talents that are widely diversified that have gone virtually unnoticed. We are proud to be part of Northern Ontario and all of its beauty, that we get to witness daily.   I’m super delighted to have been invited to be a part of one of their publications! I can’t wait to see it when it comes out… Wicked Stones

Goddess Pele Pendant – The Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes and Magic

A lot of new things have been going on here at Wicked Stones including a full change of our website.  You can see the new site by clicking here.

So I’m going to start off our new site by introducing you to a lovely gemstone pendant made of Lava.

Hawaiian myth says that Lava is actually the tears of Pele (the Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes and Magic.). It is a gem of great strength to help you to dissipate feelings of frustration and anger.  It is a good grounding gem to keep your feet on the ground and can help you when the world is going around you and you need to feel centered.   It’s a gem of quick swift changes and also helps to protect you from nasty grams that people around you are sending out (negative vibes and energy).

This is also a Root Chakra gemstone that helps you to feel rooted and planted on Mother Earth.

Lava Goddess pendant in sterling silver wire

This is a one of a kind piece.. hand made right here in our shop..  you can find many pieces by clicking here.

It just seemed appropriate to share something with fire energy for change during this time of transition here in our shop.

Cheers everyone!