Shark Totem – Authentic Shark tooth necklace (fossil)

OOO I found some beauties tucked inside of my cupboards recently….

What you are seeing in the photo is an authentic fossilized sharks tooth..  this little guy is incredible! I have worn shark’s teeth before and I’ve often found them to be light and difficult to feel as you are going throughout your day.  THIS one has some super great weight to it and you can really feel it around your neck.

Black Shark tooth wire wrap

If the Shark is your totem? Here’s a little info for you on that..

If you have the Shark totem in your life, you are a busy or active person. Some might even call you a work-a-holmic at times.

You seem to accomplish the most impossible tasks that impress those around you (and yourself some days!) You are wise and trust your instincts.

The Shark is a strong protective totem.

I’m not sure how long this particular wire wrap will be available as they are one of a kind items, but you can click here to view it on my website.

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