Lemurian Seed Crystals – A little knowledge goes a long way


Today I want to sit down and have a little chat about Lemurian Seed Crystals.

A Lemurian Crystal is a type of stone that has quite the history behind it.  These types of crystals are said to be “seeded” stones that have been encoded with ancient knowledge and left to be found by future generations (hey, that’s us!)

Lemurian Seed Crystal wire wrap

Legends tell us that this particular type of stone were planted by an ancient civilization called Lemuria in a grid pattern over the surface of our planet.  This civilization was similar to what Atlantis brings to mind when we think of how people lived but a bit more peaceful and spiritual.

When Lemuria’s time was coming to an end, the people (or Lemurians) programmed special crystals to teach their messages on healing and one-ness that would be revealed with the energy on Earth was ready to receive them.

lemurian seed healing crystal

When you find one of these stones, it helps you to connect to the energy it contains as well as the associated Grid.  It’s quite interesting because I have spoken with some of my past clients who can pick one of these particular crystals out of several and sense the powerful energy it contains.

Lemurian’s have a particular pattern to them that you can often see and feel with your fingertips – they often have strong horizontal banding across the surface that can feel like etching depending on how dense the bands are.  You may also have to turn the stone in the light to see these patterns.

So what does the Lemurian have to offer you?  If you are a healer, this is a particular stone that can help you to access ancient knowledge to work with this peaceful energy.  They are an excellent protection stone as well as a gem that helps to diffuse negative energy and alter it to positive waves.

Each Lemurian is unique on our site and Natural.  No saws or polishing machines have ever touched these gems.  With that in mind, you will always find that Mother Nature leaves nooks and crannies, marks, inclusions and other discoveries for you to explore.

If one of these calls to you, perhaps you could take a peek at our Lemurian Crystal section of Wicked Stones.  In case you are reading this post further down the road and you don’t see the same crystals, fear not! As I’m always adding more crystals to my shop 🙂

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