Yule Christmas Sale

Here’s just a small tiny post.. a shout out… to let everyone know that I’m having a Yule Christmas sale for the next few weeks on my website.

You’ll perhaps discover a gorgeous crystal or handcrafted healing gemstone jewelry peice or a gift for someone who would love to work with a healing stone or wear a piece of one of a kind jewelry.

Cheers everyone and thank you!

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Crystals for Meditation – Amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal to work with when you need to find your centre during times of stress and anxiety. Learn to let go and trust your instincts. To feel protected and calm.

Manifest your deepest desires and stay focused as you meditate towards your goal.

Amethyst healing crystals for protection and courage at Wicked Stones in Canada.

Find your healing crystal or crystal jewelry at Wicked Stones in Canada.