Lemurian Seed Crystals – A little knowledge goes a long way


Today I want to sit down and have a little chat about Lemurian Seed Crystals.

A Lemurian Crystal is a type of stone that has quite the history behind it.  These types of crystals are said to be “seeded” stones that have been encoded with ancient knowledge and left to be found by future generations (hey, that’s us!)

Lemurian Seed Crystal wire wrap

Legends tell us that this particular type of stone were planted by an ancient civilization called Lemuria in a grid pattern over the surface of our planet.  This civilization was similar to what Atlantis brings to mind when we think of how people lived but a bit more peaceful and spiritual.

When Lemuria’s time was coming to an end, the people (or Lemurians) programmed special crystals to teach their messages on healing and one-ness that would be revealed with the energy on Earth was ready to receive them.

lemurian seed healing crystal

When you find one of these stones, it helps you to connect to the energy it contains as well as the associated Grid.  It’s quite interesting because I have spoken with some of my past clients who can pick one of these particular crystals out of several and sense the powerful energy it contains.

Lemurian’s have a particular pattern to them that you can often see and feel with your fingertips – they often have strong horizontal banding across the surface that can feel like etching depending on how dense the bands are.  You may also have to turn the stone in the light to see these patterns.

So what does the Lemurian have to offer you?  If you are a healer, this is a particular stone that can help you to access ancient knowledge to work with this peaceful energy.  They are an excellent protection stone as well as a gem that helps to diffuse negative energy and alter it to positive waves.

Each Lemurian is unique on our site and Natural.  No saws or polishing machines have ever touched these gems.  With that in mind, you will always find that Mother Nature leaves nooks and crannies, marks, inclusions and other discoveries for you to explore.

If one of these calls to you, perhaps you could take a peek at our Lemurian Crystal section of Wicked Stones.  In case you are reading this post further down the road and you don’t see the same crystals, fear not! As I’m always adding more crystals to my shop 🙂

Finding the Artist inside of you! Gems for Creativity

Yes, in my secret world beyond this computer screen, I’m an artist.

Vikki Soros - My secret life away from the rocks and gems

I spent several years of my life in College here in Northern Ontario and met some amazing people who helped me to be able to reach inside of myself and bring out my creative side.  Being creative is an incredibly healing way of letting your inner thoughts be released into the universe!

An artist is not just one who paints or draws, an artist is someone who writes, or speaks.. or works with various medium that might seem non traditional to others.  It might be photography, crafting, working with clay, telling stories, singing, dancing… there are no limits to what lays inside of you that you can tap into for expression.

Vikki Soros working on a paddle artwork donation for the Sudbury Theater Center

So now let’s tie my two passions together shall we? Yes, you can use gemstones to help you to reach inside of yourself to find that creative spark!

How does that work exactly? Well, its tricky since I can’t really see inside of your brain to see how you are personally wired 🙂 So I’ll try to simplify things for you.  Gemstones are again, like Trigger tools (like I talked about in my previous post about dealing with stress here in this blog).  Working with crystals and gems is an ancient art that has been used for many rotations of our planet.

Gems emit an energy that you can connect to and depending on the stone type, this energy can help work with an area of change you are seeking.  In this case, we’re talking today about creativity.  Over time, those who have worked with gems have recorded their findings – even my own clients have gotten back to me over the decades to talk to me about how individual crystals work with them and benefit their lives.

Working with healing stones at Wicked Stones
Working with healing stones at Wicked Stones

People, just like you, have connected with particular stones for their needs and found that they do help.  It has been used for so long now that others have written books about these findings and they are now being used by the masses as reference points to use for gemstone healing.

So how do I use them?

Because stones emit an energy that helps to connect (or align) with your creativity, the best method is to begin wearing a particular type of stone that really calls to you.  When I say “calls to you” I mean, that emotionally you get a feeling of “OOOAHH” when you see it and you just know you want to have this in your life.

Let the stone connect with you and be a part of your creative process and be aware that it is with you on this journey.  After a time, you and your stone will develop a sort of kinship or bond that you may find will help uplift your mind and spirit to connect with those energies you need for creative thinking.

We are all individuals and a stone that might work for person (a) may not work for person (b). So when choosing YOUR gem, don’t let others try to tell you what you should have.  Use your instincts to pick your healing stone, do your research on what a stone can do and then, go with your hearts desire 🙂

Be Creative!
Be Inspired!

You can do it…. 🙂

And ps.. I use gems personally when I am suffering from writers block as well as when I’m working with paints and other artist’s media.

Playing in the fossil patch…

This past weekend I was playing in my fossil patch.. this is a neat little corner of my shop that I horde the pretty ancient creatures to make into jewelry (at some point in time)..

I get nitter nattered a lot though as I have been hording some of these nice little pieces for wayyyy too long..

So without further adieu.. today I’m sharing one of the pieces I’ve just posted.

Brachiopod Fossil wire wrap

It’s a Brachiopod (or Brachiopoda) which is a small invertebrate marine critter that was around in the Cambrian Period (oh about 570 Million years ago)…  This fossil is really unique as you get a three dimensional view of what this animal was really like..

I’ve wrapped it using sterling silver wire and it comes ready to wear…



Goddess Pele Pendant – The Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes and Magic

A lot of new things have been going on here at Wicked Stones including a full change of our website.  You can see the new site by clicking here.

So I’m going to start off our new site by introducing you to a lovely gemstone pendant made of Lava.

Hawaiian myth says that Lava is actually the tears of Pele (the Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes and Magic.). It is a gem of great strength to help you to dissipate feelings of frustration and anger.  It is a good grounding gem to keep your feet on the ground and can help you when the world is going around you and you need to feel centered.   It’s a gem of quick swift changes and also helps to protect you from nasty grams that people around you are sending out (negative vibes and energy).

This is also a Root Chakra gemstone that helps you to feel rooted and planted on Mother Earth.

Lava Goddess pendant in sterling silver wire

This is a one of a kind piece.. hand made right here in our shop..  you can find many pieces by clicking here.

It just seemed appropriate to share something with fire energy for change during this time of transition here in our shop.

Cheers everyone!

Lapis Lazuli – Healing Stones for lifting your spirits

I thought I’d start sharing some of the pieces up on our website (Wicked Stones) from time to time so you can get an idea of what we do…

Today, I’m sharing an incredible piece of Lapis Lazuli.  Photos just can’t do this stone justice as it has so much colour – from rich blues to shimmering golden pyrites, it packs a punch when it comes to the beauty department.

Lapis Lazuli wire wrap gemstone from Wicked Stones
Wicked Stones wire wrap

Here’s  bit of info on Lapis:

Lapis is a stone

  • intuition
  • balance
  • uplifting spirits
  • combating depression

Lapis is a good focus for meditation and increasing clairvoyant abilities.  This stone helps us to contact our spirit guardians and reverse curses.

Wearing it around the home can help bring a feeling of contentment and family loyalty.  It also helps to bring harmony to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our selves and restore any unbalances that can result in depression and lack of purpose.   Once these areas are balanced Lapis helps to bring keep inner self knowledge to light.